Why perform work on a project only to have the profit diminished by revisions and addenda to address unexpected issues? In today’s litigious society, claims are more common than ever. These claims can be a nuisance or can be a serious monetary concern to your firm.

Time of delivery becomes a critical concern as most projects are developed. That should not be allowed to drive architectural and engineering firms to perform less than adequate functions in house. The time needed to get an outside view of the plans and project completeness is minimal on most projects. We provide services by experts with technical engineering degrees and certifications in all disciplines (Accessibility, Civil, Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Protection & Plumbing).
  • Pre-Design Services:

    Several key steps are required for the successful development of a set of project drawings and specifications. How a firm coordinates their plans with local codes and regulations, as well as plans developed by other consultants or disciplines, has a significant impact on the success of the project. Submitting inaccurate or insufficient construction documents to the local jurisdiction will have an adverse effect on the project. Your firm will spend many hours revising and providing addenda addressing unexpected items for re-submittal and possible delays in the project schedule. ACS provides pre-design analysis services for architectural and engineering firms that will provide valuable insight regarding code and regulatory conflicts, as well as disconnects between disciplines.

  • Post-Submission Plan Review Services:

    Plans that ultimately go to governmental plan reviewers at the local level are never completely free of issues and questions. This is quite evident when the design firm receives correspondence from the government building official indicating several items of non compliance. ACS provides professional post-submission plan review services designed to provide analysis and solutions for re-submittal of all items of non-compliance.

  • Board of Building Appeals & Expert Witness Services:

    The impression that your firm makes with a set of project plans is primarily based on the accuracy and completeness of the plans and specifications developed. The number and significance of comments issued by governmental plan reviewers at the local level and during team reviews is reflective of the end product and your firm. Sometimes technical communication is not evenly understood by all parties involved and we must move forward with the adjudication process. ACS provides analysis reports, and expert witness services to assist owners, architectural, and engineering firms with Board of Building Appeals hearings.

We offer specialized professional services throughout the United States and American Territories. Corporate decision-makers should consider Associated Consulting Solutions, LLC when providing your firm with the best professional services.

“As a Professional Engineer, I would highly recommend utilizing ACS in the early development stages of a project.  Through their multi-discipline engineering and code experience, ACS provides creative solutions to complex architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing related projects.  Their solution and analysis are comprehensive, correct, and save time by preventing problems from developing.”

Dennis D. Bowman, P.E.