Associated Consulting Solutions provides Technical and Business education courses designed to engage participants and build confidence in today’s competitive market place. Courses can be custom developed for your particular needs from “business communication” to technical “electrical fault current studies.”

  • Training & Education:

    We design, develop, and present many custom educational programs for corporations, state and local governments, ICC Chapters, architectural and engineering firm. Listed below is our general education topics for government building departments, owners, architects, engineers, and developers:

    • Accessibility Code (IBC), ICC A117, & Federal Standards
    • Building Codes – International Building Code (All Editions)
    • Electrical Code (National Electrical Code-NFPA 70) – (All Editions)
    • Energy Codes – IECC & ASHRAE (All Editions)
    • Fire Alarm Code (IBC & IFC) & NFPA 72 (All Editions)
    • Fire Sprinkler Code (IBC & IFC) & NFPA 13, 13R & 13D (All Editions)
    • Fuel Gas Codes – IFGC & NFPA 54 (All Editions)
    • Mechanical Code – (IMC & UMC) (All Editions)
    • Plumbing Code – (IPC & UPC) (All Editions)
  • On-site education with materials and instructor-led examples of “real life” problems will provide participant with confidence needed to be more effective in both technical and administrative functions. We provide the very best educational services by experts with technical engineering degrees and certifications in all disciplines (Accessibility, Civil, Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Protection & Plumbing).

ACS develops educational programs to help businesses stay ahead of customer satisfaction trends. Our custom training integrates participants with tools and solutions that will enable your company to fully realize the benefits of improved productivity. Most importantly, we provide the design, development, and training that ensures your staff can ramp up quickly and realize concrete improvements in technology, communication, and customer satisfaction.

We offer specialized professional services throughout the United States and American Territories. Government decision-makers should consider Associated Consulting Solutions, LLC when providing your departments with the best professional services.