Associated Consulting Solutions provides plan review services throughout the United States according to all International Code Council (ICC) codes, and specific State and local codes. We provide our clients with a formal plan review report with all relevant code items of noncompliance signed by a certified plans examiner. Electronic and hard copy correspondence accepted (call for details). We offer quick turnaround times even for the most complex projects.

  • Plan Review Services:

    We provide the following plan review services for government building departments, owners, architects, engineers, and developers:

    • Accessibility Code (IBC), ICC A117, & Federal Standards
    • Building Codes – International Building Code (All Editions)
    • Electrical Code (National Electrical Code-NFPA 70) – (All Editions)
    • Energy Codes – IECC & ASHRAE (All Editions)
    • Fire Alarm Code (IBC & IFC) & NFPA 72 (All Editions)
    • Fire Sprinkler Code (IBC & IFC) & NFPA 13, 13R & 13D (All Editions)
    • Fuel Gas Codes – IFGC & NFPA 54 (All Editions)
    • Mechanical Code – (IMC & UMC) (All Editions)
    • Plumbing Code – (IPC & UPC) (All Editions)

All plans are review by a code expert with specialized expertise in building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and NFPA fire protection disciplines. We provide services by experts with technical engineering degrees and certifications in all disciplines (Accessibility, Civil, Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Protection & Plumbing).

We offer specialized professional services throughout the United States and American Territories. Government decision-makers should consider Associated Consulting Solutions, LLC when providing your departments with the best professional services.